sunnuntai 15. toukokuuta 2011

PSN finally getting back online

PSN has finally returned online in North America and will soon be online everywhere else in the world.
It will slowly gain back all it's functions by the end of May, 2011. As most of you already know, PSN was attacked by a group of hackers called the Anonymous.
PSN should now be safer and harder to hack.

Also, every PSN account has to change their password, but that can only be done from the PS3 that the account was registered on. Though password change can also be done through e-mail validation.


torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2011

Half Life will continue!

Doug Lombardi aka Valve's marketing boss was asked "Will we ever see [more Half-Life]?" by a reported of AusGamers.
Lombardi replied: "You will ever see it, yes. We are not done with Gordon Freeman's adventures. I have nothing other than that to tell you today, but hang in there with us."

I guess we will just have to wait for the great game to come...


keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2011

Battlefield 3: Hype part 3

Another hype video has been released for the Battlefield 3. I have to say; it looks pretty awesome.
Stay tuned for more as they release a 12 minute video on 17th April.

keskiviikko 23. maaliskuuta 2011

Sony VS GeoHot

So for anyone that doesn't know. GeoHot recently hacked the PS3's firmware and was able to used pirated copies of games on PS3 and get lots of hacks working on games like Modern Warfare 2 etc.

At first, GeoHot was pretty sure that he would win the case and he even made a rap song about it...
But now he might not be that sure anymore as he has fled to South America after the court requested for his hard drives. He did give the hard drives but he removed some parts of them so they wouldn't work. Now when they asked for them, his lawyer simply said that he is out of country.
Also, George Hotz claimed that he didn't make any money out of the jailbreaking but then they checked his PayPal and guess what; he had received money for it.
That topped with the hard drive case almost ends the case and as he is in South America and may not even return; Sony gets a easy win.

Anyways, in my opinion he had it coming...



keskiviikko 16. maaliskuuta 2011

Battlefield 3: Hype

DICE has released a second video of the singleplayer campaign.
The game seems to be getting a lot of hype and it sure looks good.


tiistai 15. maaliskuuta 2011

Battlefield 3 dumbed down for consoles

DICE (the developer of Battlefield games) has stated that Battlefield 3 is made for PC and will be scaled/ported to consoles from PC.
This sounds good to me as I'm more of a PC gamer than a console gamer. Though, I still have to decide if I'll get the PS3 or PC version.
I hope the minimum requirements won't be too high so I can actually play it.

sunnuntai 13. maaliskuuta 2011


Homefront is being released as soon as March 15th, so I thought I should write something about it. The game will be released on XBOX360, PS3 and PC. Homefront challenges the modern shooters like Battlefield, Medal of Honor and Call of Duty and wishes to become the best "large-scale shooter".

In the singleplayer, you play as an American resistance fighter, trying to defend USA from the United Korea, using guerrilla tactics, commandeering military vehicles and utilizing advanced drone technology.

In the multiplayer, you play on dedicated servers that support 32 players. You can play either on the USA or United Korea. Each new copy of Homefront includes an online pass, enabling users the full multiplayer experience. It isn't required to play the multiplayer game but without it, the level cap would be 5 (75 with online pass).

Metacritic has awarded the game with a score of 88/100, which is just above Call of Duty: Black Ops.
Also Gamerankings awarded the game with an overall 89.33%, which tops both Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Basicly, if you are fed up with the current shooters, you should try this game out. It brings some new stuff to the table and has received some good ratings.


Source: Wikipedia

lauantai 12. maaliskuuta 2011

Batman: Arkham City

Warner Brothers just announced the release date for Rocksteady's highly awaited Batman: Arkham City. So, the release day is 21th October for XBOX360, PS3 and PC. It's a sequel to a great game called Batman: Arkham Asylum. 

When Arkham Asylum was released, I didn't expect much of it but I was proved wrong. To my mind the game was easily 10/10. It had great gameplay, graphics, voiceacting and storyline. It was pretty much like a old Metroid game as you needed to get new items before you could move forward in the game. 

Anyways, I hope the game is great and you will all buy it, instead of downloading it illegally.


perjantai 11. maaliskuuta 2011

Dead Space 2 - Review

This is basicly my review of Dead Space 2 which I already did in Finnish, but I will translate it to English and maybe write some more about it.

So, I've been playing Dead Space 2 for a while now. It sure can be still called a horror-game but in my opinion the first game was more scary. The seemed to have recycled some of the ideas they used to create horror in the first game. That ain't a problem though, as long as the game is scary. 
The scenery is way different from the first game, as you will be moving in a space city called 'Sprawl' instead of the planetcracker USG Ishimura.
Also they have renewed the protagonist, Isaac Clarke. In the first game, Isaac didn't talk at all. He was just a silent character like Gordon Freeman in Half Life 2. Now Isaac takes his helmet off more often and he actually talks which gives him a personality.
I have played the multiplayer only for a few matches but I can say it's a good one. I preferred playing as the Survivors and didn't have enough time to test the Necromorphs out yet. The multiplayer is a lot like Left 4 Dead, as you are trying to escape from Necromorphs, while you must do objectives in order to proceed.

In all, the game is great sequel to a great horror-game. I can easily recommend this game to anyone who has played the original Dead Space and to people who like horror-games.

I also recommend to check out the animated movies which shed some light on the backstory of Dead Space. The movies are called Dead Space: Aftermath and Dead Space: Downfall. 


torstai 10. maaliskuuta 2011

My Gaming Rig

The rig is the basis of PC gaming, which needs to be upgraded constantly. In this post, I'll be talking about my rig and it's future upgrades.

At the moment I have:

  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 +5600 (slightly overclocked)
  • Ati Radeon HD 4850 (slightly overclocked aswell)
  • 4GB RAM
So as you can see, my rig aint the newest one but it should be able to handle any modern game. Except that bullshit Black Ops, which requires so much from your CPU that it's becoming ridiculous. I can't even believe how badly the game was ported from the consoles.

I was considering to update my CPU into AMD Athlon II X4 640, which should allow me to run Black Ops easily. But then again, that CPU get outdated soon as it's already pretty old.

Please give your thoughts about the upgrade. Is it worth it?



From now on I'll be writing this blog in English to reach a wider audience.


Koneen kellotus

Aloitin vasta koneen kellotuksen ja ihan kivaahan se on saada kaikki tehot irti raudastasi. Olen siis pelkkä amatööri vielä tässä, kellotin hieman näytönohjaintani ja prosessoriani, joissa molemmissa vakiojäähyt.

Näytönohjaimeni on Ati Radeon HD 4850, jota tuli kelloteltua AMD:n omalla ohjelmalla AMD OverDrivellä.
Näytönohjaimen GPUn kellot nousivat 625MHz -> 680MHz ja sen muistit nostin 1004MHz -> 1049MHz.
Tuntuvat vakailta ja ihan ok nostot vakiojäähyllä.

Prosessori taasen on AMD Athlon 64 X2 +5600 ja sen FSB:ta nostin 200MHz -> 210MHz.
Lopputulos prosessorissa siis oli 14* 210 = 2940MHz. Tähänkin tulokseen olin tyytyväinen.

keskiviikko 9. maaliskuuta 2011

Dead Space 2 - oma mielipide

Ostin tässä vastikään Dead Space 2:n ja sitä on tullut nyt hetki pelailtua. Peli on yhä pelottava, muttei taida yltää ykkösen tasolle. Maisemat ovat hyvin erilaiset, kuin ensimmäisessä pelissä ja maisemien vaihtuminen on ihan hyvä asia.
Ykkösessä Isaac Clarke oli tavallinen pelien hiljainen sankari, joka ei puhunut, mutta kakkososassa Isaac saa kasvot ja persoonallisuuden.
Moninpeliä kokeilin parin matsin verran ja varsinkin ihmisillä pelaaminen oli todella kivaa. Oli mukava juosta necromorpheja karkuun, escapepodia kohti.

Kaikinpuolin peli on hyvä jatko-osa ja voin suositella sitä kaikille ykkösosasta pitäneille.
Suosittelen myös katsomaan pelisarjasta tehdyt elokuvat: Aftermath ja Downfall.


Tähän pistän listan pelejä, joita tulee nyt pelailtua. Minut voi saada myös peliseuraksi, jos lukijoita kiinnostaa!

PCllä siis pelailen nyt:
League of Legends
Cod: Modern Warfare 2
Cod: Modern Warfare
Cod: Black Ops
Dead Space 2

PS3:lla taasen tulee pelailtua kaikennäkösiä pelejä, mutta juuri nyt eniten BC2. 

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